Making Money with Naked Aprons

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Where can I sell Naked Aprons?

Retail Stores

If you already have a retail space, Naked Aprons are a no-brainer. Our aprons sell wonderfully alongside cookware and gourmet items, novelties, shirts and hats, you name it. Aprons require very little space, are easily mounted for display, and make for a great impulse purchase.


Sidewalk vendors in Europe have already been very sucessful with these aprons. They are an easy sell anywhere that crowds gather. Wear one to a sporting event or trade-show and watch heads turn.

On the Internet

If you have always dreamed of setting up shop on the internet, Naked Aprons can help. We are happy to provide digital images of our products along with clever descriptions. If you like, we can even reccomend a web hosting service for your store.

How do I sell them?

Eye-Cathing Product

We like to think these aprons sell themselves. Hang one in a retail space, and watch them fly. Wear one to an event, and you are certain to be noticed. Naked Aprons are fun; and selling them should be simple. If for any reason you are unable to sell our aprons, you can return them for a full refund (see below).

What's my return on investment?

$8 invested, $16 returned

You buy the aprons from us for $8.00. If you sell at our suggested retail of $16, you will be earning $8 with every sale, doubling your investment!

Invest Sell Earn Profit
$400.00 50 Aprons $800.00 $400.00
$800.00 100 Aprons $1600.00 $800.00
$1600.00 200 Aprons $3200.00 $1600.00
$3200.00 400 Aprons $6400.00 $3200.00

The sky is the limit

Ultimately, your profits will be determined by your pricing. We recognize that in some markets, you may be able to sell these aprons for much more than $16. This is entirely at your discretion. It is, after all, your money and your business.

Will I be competitive?

Fixed wholesale pricing.

Our wholesale price for any of our standard aprons is $80.00 / 10 pack. That is just $8.00 an apron. Whether you buy 10 or 10,000 the price is still $8.00. What you sell it for is yours to decide, but rest assured that noone will be able to sell below your cost.

What if it doesn't Work ?

Aprons may be returned for a full refund.

We think these aprons are a great investment, but we realize that they are not for everyone. If you are unable to make money with our aprons, you can return them within 90 days for a full refund. We will accept any apron in good (unused) condition. Shipping charges are non-refundable.

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